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Episode 1

After leaving her job in public accounting, Sarah joins the private sector as Senior Accountant at a tech startup. When she receives an urgent assignment on day one she quickly learns that her transition to private accounting isn’t going to be as easy as she once thought.

Episode 2

A boring sales meeting is interrupted by the sound of the auditors arriving. When they show up ready to work, Hunter prepares the office as if the accounting staff are going to battle. The teams mission? Prank the auditors as hard as possible! 

Episode 3

After the accounting department gets a little turnt at a team dinner, they encourage Sarah to go back to the office late at night and mess with the already frustrated auditors. Naturally, the next morning at work is filled with regrets.  

Episode 4

When Sarah discovers compromising information being passed around the office, she enlists the help of Hunter to get her out of a sticky situation before the Audit Partner arrives.

Episode 5

Sarah and Lindsey put their differences aside to go searching for Hunter, who has gone AWOL, but has the files they need to finish the AP audit cycle. Meanwhile, Tracy encourages Shack to stay late and finish up the audit.

Episode 6

In the Season One Finale, after a conversation with CPA Exam Legend Pete Olinto, the team must come together to do the right thing, regardless of the outcome.

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