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PBC Season 1

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PBC Season 2


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The Fraud Files

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About FloQast Studios

FloQast Studios is a full-scale production arm of FloQast, Inc. designed to create entertaining, engaging, and educational content by accountants, for accountants.


An underserved demographic of the finance industry, accountants lack creative content to which they’re able to relate. FQ Studios has set-out to transform this industry by curating high quality content that shifts the stereotype about accounting and accountants.


FloQast Studios is the place where accounting and entertainment collide. It's not accounting content -- it's accountant content.

Our Story

For years, FloQast CEO Mike Whitmire had envisioned a comedy show about the uniquely entertaining circumstances accountants find themselves in on a daily basis at their jobs, and believed inspiring the young professionals to join the profession through media content would be key for the industry's future success.

In 2021, he decided to create PBC, a workplace comedy mockumentary-style series, about accountants commissioning Josh Sims to help develop and direct, and Drew Carrick, known in the industry as The Rapping CPA, to technical advise the project. 

After the show's success, 1st AD Josh Glassman was brought on board and the team began producing a consistent output of entertaining high quality accounting content.

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Our Content

FloQast Studios flagship project, PBC, was a finalist for both the Shorty Awards and Webby Awards, and received the Shorty Impact Audience Honor Award. The workplace comedy features Danny Trejo and Kate Flannery, along with a list of notable actors, influencers, and digital creators.

Each piece of content produced has a unique outside-the-box flare to it, helping to differentiate it from other generic pieces of corporate video content. The innovative approach to content has made waves throughout the company and industry.

The studios has produced a variety of pieces, from recurring podcasts and CPE eligible talk show series, to comedy series and short form social media sketches. Each creative is crafted from the get-go with the accounting demographic at top of mind, including actual accountants in the development process; thus truly being by accountants, for accountants.

Disclaimer: FloQast Studios does NOT accept unsolicited material. Any ideas sent will not be read.

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